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LG's voice recognition app studies English, aims to pass the test next year


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LG's Quick Voice app's monolingual status shouldn't last long. After a quick restyle -- it's now Q Voice -- the app is gearing up to launch internationally with an English language version ready for the first half of next year. LG also adds a bit more detail on its voice recognition offering, which can pick out a single female voice in a noisy room full of men and have the ability to make settings adjustments to Bluetooth, sound and vibration by speech. Perhaps only slightly less important than real functionality, the Q Voice interface will also include some "witty emotional responses" -- ask what the device had for lunch and it will say it chowed down on 220 volts. LG Korea reiterates that the functionality is still limited to its domestic models of the Optimus Vu and incoming Optimus LTE II at the moment, but will feature on additional phones in the future. While voice recognition from bigger mobile rivals hasn't revolutionized how we use our phones just yet, LG's hoping the sheen of the newish tech won't have worn off by 2013.

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