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QWOP creator demystifies unicorns with CLOP


You've taken on the challenge of controlling a human in QWOP. You've most likely failed at that challenge. Now you can humiliate yourself by stepping into the shoes of a completely different, fictional species!

Bennett Foddy's newest trying-to-run game is CLOP, a browser game about a lascivious, possibly drunk unicorn trying his damnedest to get across "yon high and pleasant hill." You drum the H, J, K, and L keys to simulate a hearty gallop, or to turn your horsey avatar upside down – mostly the latter.

CLOP seems slightly easier to understand than QWOP, but still extremely difficult. However, it's not as frustrating as it could be, as Foddy has mastered the art of making failure not just acceptable, but universally hilarious.

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