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TERA lawsuit settled, En Masse maintains innocence [Updated]

Shawn Schuster

According to a statement issued to Massively by En Masse Entertainment last night, TERA publisher En Masse and NCsoft have finally resolved their long-standing feud and settled their lawsuit.

The lawsuit centered around claims that TERA's Korean developer, Bluehole Studio, stole assets from the in-production Lineage III to create TERA. While Korean courts found some ex-NCsoft employees at Bluehole guilty in the original criminal trial, En Masse stood by its claim of innocence through the culmination of this civil lawsuit. Recent layoffs at the studio nevertheless worry players.

We've posted En Masse's statement in its entirety behind the break.

En Masse Entertainment confirms it has settled with NCsoft over the TERA-related lawsuit in the US. In doing so, En Masse Entertainment maintains its innocence and looks forward to refocusing the company's full attention to TERA, its fans, and its future. "We are happy to have this distraction behind us," said Yong Taek Bae, Corporate Development Director for En Masse. "We appreciate the support from all those who have believed in us. Our priority has been and always will be our fans and community. TERA will continue to thrive and provide a great player experience and value to existing and new gamers alike."
[Update: We've clarified issues regarding the legal dispute and included the quote sent to us by En Masse.]

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