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Delivery Status widget lets you track packages from your Dashboard


Some of us get a lot of packages. Whether you do a lot of shopping via Amazon, have a thing for Zappos shoes, or are just waiting for the goodies you won in a TUAW giveaway to show up, it's often nice to know where those packages are and when they're going to get to you. A nicely done Dashboard widget called Delivery Status (donationware) is the perfect way to see where your packages are, and there's a new version (5.8) of the widget available.

What's new? OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center is supported, as is the Retina display on the new MacBook Pro. There had been an issue on Mountain Lion Macs with FedEx notifications that weren't refreshing properly, but that has been fixed. There are also, according to the developers at Junecloud, "Lots of little adjustments and polish."

Thanks to a host of volunteers, the widget is available not only in English, but German, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish. There's also a syncing service that works with the company's Delivery Status touch app ($4.99) for iOS. If you already use Delivery Status or you've been looking for a solution to keep track of all of those shipments, be sure to download the latest version today.

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