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City of Heroes fans will hold a protest rally at Atlas Park [Updated with video]

Eliot Lefebvre

Odds are good that most City of Heroes fans can't picket NCsoft's corporate headquarters over the game's sudden closing announcement. But fans can picket in the game itself, and that's the plan behind the in-game rally on Saturday at 5 p.m. EDT. The event planners are asking players to congregate en masse on the stairs in Atlas Park on the Virtue server in the hopes of spawning an awe-inspiring number of zone instances.

The rally is followed by a costume contest at 6 p.m. EDT with a similar theme: Players will be making costumes based on Paragon Studios employees -- not the pseudonyms of the employees but the employees themselves. Players are encouraged to put a personal twist on the costumes, but the rules emphasize that mean-spirited costumes are disallowed. If you want to show your solidarity with the game and the studio, head over to the Virtue server this Saturday and get ready to strut your stuff in truly epic fashion.

[Update: Massively streamed the event live on our Twitch channel complete with commentary from Beau and Bree. We've embedded the show behind the cut -- sorry for the audio burps; 45234528435 people all waving torches in protest can do that to a stream. Titan Network has more info, including the speech by the rally's chief organizer and the groundwork for a campaign to mail superhero capes and masks to the NCsoft studios. Save CoH!]

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