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Kindle Fire, meet Kindle Fire HD

Brian Heater

Kindle Fire, meet the new hotness. The holiday shopping crowd may have fallen in love with Amazon's tablet last year, but there's a new Fire in town. We snuck a Fire into today's Amazon event, and placed up next to the new model, the difference is clear: the Fire felt a bit OEMed and boxy, sort of a remake of the BlackBerry PlayBook, from a hardware perspective, at least. This is clearly not the case with the seven-inch HD -- it really feels like a reasonably high-end tablet with an extremely nice price point. And what about the Kindle Touch versus the Kindle Paperwhite? The differences aren't quite as extreme, but they're definitely apparent. The new devoted e-reader from Amazon is an extremely well built device at first glance. Check out a picture of the two after the break.

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Myriam Joire contributed to this report.

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