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Macs, iPads, and iPhones by the numbers

Tim Cook is up on stage talking about the latest Mac, iPad and iPhone sales figures. And things are looking good!

  • 7 million OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion upgrades sold to date.
  • MacBooks now rank as the #1 laptop in the US in the last three months.
  • MacBooks account for 27 percent of the laptop market.
  • Mac sales have seen 15 percent YOY growth vs 2 percent on the Windows side.
  • 17 million iPad sold from April to June (!!!)
  • More iPads sold during that time than all other PCs
  • iPad has 68 percent market share - up from 62% last year.
  • iPad is 91 percent of all tablet web traffic
  • Virtually all of the Fortune 500 is testing or deploying iPads
  • 700,000 apps now on the App Store
  • 250,000 of those are iPad-specific
  • Average iOS user using 100 apps
  • Apple has now sold 400 million iOS devices

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