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ICEdot crash sensor notifies your loved ones after you eat it, tells them where to find you


Between powered gear shifters, electric motors and BMX-mounted mixers, bicycles just keep getting better -- but no amount of technological augmentation can sidestep the old adage: safety first. Yes, the helmet is a classic and necessary accessory for cyclists, snowboarders and more. ICEdot and SenseTech hope to take the traditional brain bucket to new heights next year with a Bluetooth equipped crash sensor. Take a spill? The ICEdot sensor will take note of the impact and start a countdown on its companion app. If the rider doesn't stop the timer before it reaches zero, ICEdot will notify emergency contacts with the user's last known GPS location and data on the severity of the accident. The accessory doesn't have a firm release date just yet, but it will make an appearance at the Interbike trade show later this month. Smartphone augmented safety will set you back about $200 when it launches next year. Check out the sensor's teaser video after the break.

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