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Torchlight MMO might be a long time coming

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Even with Torchlight II newly released, people are already wondering what's in store for Runic Games in the future. A handful of questions about what comes next popped up in a recent Runic Games AMA, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun sat down with CEO Max Schaefer to talk about the future.

If there is to be a Torchlight MMO, it will look radically different from most MMOs out there today. "We don't just want to make the standard MMO in the Torchlight universe. We want to change up the genre and put a unique stamp on it," said Schaefer of the Runic dev team. While the possibility of a new and different sort of MMO in the Torchlight universe exists, that's not what the team has its sights set on yet. Schaefer said that the devs "might be so tired of making Torchlight that we're kind of burned out" and may very well choose to do something outside of the Torchlight world entirely for now.

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