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SOE Live posts live cast schedule


SOE Live begins tomorrow, and chances are you already know whether or not you're attending. For those of you who would like to go, but pesky money or travel is getting in the way of your big dream, SOE has an electronic alternative: live casts. The studio is broadcasting the show through Twitch and CurseTV for all three days of the event.

The schedule for the live casts is up, starting with the keynote address on Thursday and ending with the costume contest on Sunday night. SOE is making available plenty of the big panels including almost anything to do with PlanetSide 2 and several tournaments. EverQuest and EverQuest II expansion panels on Saturday morning are a must-see for players of those games as well.

Massively will be on the scene in Las Vegas for the show, so stay tuned for all of the exciting information that we'll be channeling your way!

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