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Disney buys out Lucasfilm, LucasArts for $4.05 billion


Disney is continuing its quest for global domination of the entertainment industry by announcing that it has bought out Lucasfilm -- including the studio's game developing branch, LucasArts -- for $4.05 billion US. While we're sure the nerdosphere has plenty to say about Disney's development of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII (slated for release in 2015), we MMO fans are probably focused on a different facet of the buyout.

Now that LucasArts is under Disney's wide-reaching umbrella, there's a distinct possibility that we'll be seeing a new breed of Star Wars games hitting shelves in the near future. The question is, of course, whether a new Star Wars MMO could rise from the new ownership. So let's discuss, dear readers. Do you think a new Star Wars MMO is on the horizon? If so, what would you like to see? Many gamers mourned the loss of Star Wars Galaxies last year. Would you like to see a revival with Disney at the helm, or would you rather see something completely different? Smack on your tin-foil hats and let the speculation run rampant, folks.

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