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Samsung ATIV Odyssey for Verizon possibly spied at the FCC


When Microsoft teased that Verizon would carry the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, it left just about everything to the imagination -- we didn't even see a real image. A new FCC filing may have given us a better (if all too incomplete) look. The device getting approval at the US agency doesn't have any dead giveaways in its hardware beyond a vaguely ATIV S-like shape and Verizon's needed CDMA and LTE frequencies, but it's going under an SCH-i930 model name that hints at possible Windows Phone 8-based origins: the SCH-i920 was the CDMA edition of the Omnia II, one of the last times Microsoft, Samsung and Verizon hung out together. If the i930 is what we suspect, the FCC will have just removed a key obstacle to the ATIV Odyssey's promised December launch.

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