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Dropbox hits 100 million users, looking for great Dropbox stories


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Dropbox has announced that it has reached 100 million users, an impressive number to be sure. For comparison's sake, here's Wikipedia's list of virtual communities with more than 100 million users, which currently has seven companies on it, so Dropbox has just joined a very exclusive club. Twitter, for example, hit 100 million earlier this year, and Facebook has 166.1 million users in the US at last count. To think that Dropbox is shoulder to shoulder with those kinds of companies is very impressive indeed.

To celebrate, Dropbox is going to give away a few 100 GB for life packages, and they want Dropbox users to log in and share their stories of how they use the service. There are all kinds of great examples on there, from wedding photo sharing to high school coaches that use the service to share game plans.

Personally, I've got three computers and about four devices wandering around my life at this point, and Dropbox has become my de facto way of making sure I have important documents and files when I need them. I also use it for backup, keeping archives of my blog posts and various interview transcripts in the cloud, so that if any specific hard drive dies, I've always got a copy on Dropbox's servers. Finally, I work on a few different podcasts, and we use shared folders on Dropbox to share audio and talksheets with our hosts and guests.

Dropbox is a great service, and we congratulate them on all of their success so far. Here's to 100 million more!

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