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JFK worker who helped steal 3600 iPad minis nabbed by FBI


Justice has prevailed! The FBI has arrested a worker at New York's JFK airport who acted as a lookout for a pair of accomplices who stole 3,600 iPad minis last week. Renel Rene Richardson (not to be confused with René Ritchie of was arrested after co-workers told Port Authority detectives that he had made inquiries about when the iPad minis were supposed to arrive, as well as where he might get a forklift.

The New York Post stated that after being arrested, Richardson accompanied Port Authority detectives on a search for the getaway truck on Long Island. It's not known whether the stolen iPads have been recovered, or if they're in the process of being fenced. Apple 2.0's Philip Elmer-DeWitt noted that Apple probably has the serial numbers of the heisted minis on file, but won't be able to trace their location until they are activated.

Elmer-DeWitt also pointed out that dozens of new iPad minis were being listed Sunday morning on Craigslist (see listing at the top of this post). While this might not be associated with the JFK iPad heist, the advertiser is certainly trying to move the merchandise...

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