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Python 3.2 lets you write Python on the iPhone


We've posted before about Codea, an iPad app that allows you to code and create LUA scripts. And now here's a new iPhone app called Python 3.2 that, as you might imagine, allows coders to write Python scripts through iOS. The app runs Python 3.2.3 and serves as a full development environment for that scripting language, complete with an interactive interpreter and a number of other Python-related bells, whistles and options.

Of course, the issue with both of these script-writing apps is that you're often writing code you can't actually run on the iPhone or iPad, given Apple's restrictions on security and the way it requires apps to be sandboxed. But Python allows you to save scripts as needed and presumably you could just copy them out of the app if you wanted to run them elsewhere. We don't exactly have "Xcode for iPad" just yet, but coding on Apple's iOS platform is becoming more viable.

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