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Skrillex Quest mixes Zelda, Sworcery, Isaac in a dubstep world


Skrillex is a tough sell in the Joystiq staff chat room. We have one ardent, passionate fan, and any suggestion from him that contains "Skrillex" in the URL and is introduced with, "OK, this is pretty great," is treated with extreme skepticism. This time, however, he might be on to something.

Skrillex Quest is a free, browser-based amalgamation of Zelda, Superbrothers and The Binding of Isaac, set to a strangely not-annoying soundtrack of Skrillex songs. If that doesn't sell you, it's from Jason Oda, the guy who made Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now, that Perfect Strangers game you loved back in May. Skrillex Quest is just as charming, and even more seizure-inducing (seriously, be careful).

The moral of the story: Even people who like Skrillex demonstrate good taste every now and then. [Ed. Note: Still, it's very rare.]

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