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App downloads saw a surge after iPhone 5 release


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A mobile marketing firm named Fiksu has posted that the iPhone 5 had a tremendous effect on app downloads, bringing up totals by as much as 33 percent. That's huge, and Fiksu says it hasn't seen numbers like that since, well, the iPhone 4S released a year or so ago. I've heard about numbers like this before -- the creators of big apps like Doodle Jump and Angry Birds say their download numbers always experience a big jump whenever a brand-new Apple device is released, and considering how popular the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini have been already this year, it's not hard to imagine that developers saw nice benefits from both new devices.

The high download numbers probably aren't over yet. Every year around the holidays, developers report a nice big jump in downloads, as more and more people bring new iOS devices home for the holidays and then go looking for apps to install on them. Especially around the Christmas / New Year's period, there will be lots of new iOS devices jumping into the App Store ecosystem, and we're likely to see more big movement during that time period. So yes, the iPhone 5 may have boosted app downloads, but I doubt the boosting is over yet.

[via VentureBeat]

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