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Mutant Mudds cleaning up on iOS next week


Mutant Mudds is coming to iOS on December 6. All 60 levels of Mutant Mudds, including the recently added unlockable stages, will be released on the App Store for 99 cents. The game is already available on 3DS and PC, with a Wii U version coming later as well.

We asked Renegade Kid creative director Jools Watsham about the controls – the biggest concern of any iOS port. "I am really pleased with how the virtual controls have worked out," he reassured us. "I had played a lot of platformers with virtual controls, and not enjoyed most of them due to the controls. I never want to look down at the controls and have found myself missing the buttons due to thumb drift."

The simple solution, Watsham said, was to make the touch zones for the controls larger than the controls actually appear on screen. "This might sound like an overly simplified solution, but I have found that it helps tremendously with the inevitable sloppy thumb slapping that happens with virtual controls." In addition, the control positions are customizable. Renegade Kid also has plans to update the app to support external controllers like the 8-bitty.

"I have played through all 60 levels numerous times and found it to be a pleasurable experience," Watsham said. "If the controls did not work out as well as they did, we would not have released the game. Mutant Mudds means too much to me to send it out in a bad state."

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