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Kongregate adds downloadable, free games to browser-based roster


Kongregate now hosts downloadable, free games, as well as its standard fare of browser-based titles. The first three downloadable games on Kongregate are Super Monday Night Combat, Bomb Buddies and Smashmuck Champions, all available right now.

Kongregate will drop more downloadable games in the "coming weeks," and they are all integrated into existing social services. Players must sign into Kongregate to launch the games, and each one now available earns players 10 points.

"Our players are looking for increasingly sophisticated games," says Jim Greer, Kongregate CEO and co-founder. "Adding downloadable titles brings a new level of gaming to hardcore players looking for high-definition graphics with more options and content to select from."

What previously set Kongregate apart from digital distributors is its focus on in-browser entertainment. Now it's inching closer to Steam territory, but still has its own flair in offering only free games for download. It's kind of like a tomcat slowly slinking into another's alleyway, and now we just wait for the hissing to begin.

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Kongregate Expands Game Catalog With New Downloadable Titles

Media Alert, November 30, 2012: Kongregate, the leading platform for free to play online games, has expanded its catalog to include free downloadable games. The first three titles, Super Monday Night Combat from Uber Entertainment, Smashmuck Champions from Kiz Studios, and Bomb Buddies from Balanced Worlds, are now available to play from Additional titles are slated for release in coming weeks.

Already a top destination for free to play browser games, adding downloadable games expands the types of free games available to Kongregate's 15 million monthly unique visitors.

"Our players are looking for increasingly sophisticated games," said Jim Greer, CEO and co-founder of Kongregate. "Adding downloadable titles brings a new level of gaming to hardcore players looking for high-definition graphics with more options and content to select from," Jim added.

The critically acclaimed Super Monday Night Combat from Uber Entertainment offers users a multiplayer shooter requiring deep strategy to survive the "sport of the future." The ever-increasing roster of "Pros" features unique customizations, weapons, skills, and taunts.

Also now live on Kongregate is SmashMuck Champions from Kiz Studios. Smashmuck Champions is a fast-action multiplayer arena combat game featuring bone-crushing battles, 20+ champions, 5 game types, 6 arenas, and hundreds of customizable items. SmashMuck has just released its first community-created Champion and will be releasing multiple new game features in January -- so stay tuned for updates.

Bomb Buddies, inspired by the best Bomberman-style games, brings explosive action-based strategy to players. With 140 Levels, 7 themes and 8 game modes, there are endless ways gamers can battle for survival in this multiplayer title. The developer, Balanced Worlds, is rapidly adding new and varied game modes, more fun devices, and achievements all based on feedback from the community to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.

Kongregate's free-to-play downloadable games will also be integrated into some of the popular social elements Kongregate users are familiar with. "We want to maintain a coherent gaming experience our users are accustomed on the web around our free-to-play downloadable titles," added Jim Greer.

To play Super Monday Night Combat, Smashmuck Champions, or Bomb Buddies, visit Kongregate at For more information on working with Kongregate for games, contact us at

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