Who should I follow at CES 2013? Engadget editors on Twitter

Brian Heater
B. Heater|01.06.13

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Brian Heater
January 6, 2013 8:00 PM
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Who should I follow at CES 2013? Engadget editors on Twitter

We know what you're thinking: it's CES week, how can I possibly get bombarded by more tech news over the next couple of days? Great news! We've created a handy-dandy list of our editors. Follow us and you can be sure to have a stream full of gadgety goodness over the next several days -- there's no faster way to get the full Engadget CES experience, 140 characters or so at a time.

We also invite you to keep a close eye on #EngadgetCES, which will be our go-to hashtag during the show. And, if Twitter Lists are your thing, you'll find ours here. Oh, and if you're looking for us on Google+, you can find the team and personal accounts right here.

Official Engadget accounts

Engadget @engadget
Engadget Mobile @engadgetmobile
Engadget HD @engadgethd
Engadget Distro @engadgetdistro
Engadget Support @engadgetsupport
Engadget Spanish @es_engadget
Engadget Germany @de_engadget
Engadget Japan @engadgetjp
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Senior Editors

Tim Stevens - Editor-in-chief @Tim_Stevens
Richard Lai - Editor-in-chief, Engadget Chinese @richardlai
Darren Murph - Managing Editor @darrenmurph
Christopher Trout - Managing Editor @Mr_Trout
Donald Melanson - Senior Associate Editor @donmelanson
Brian Heater - Senior Associate Editor @bheater
Michael Gorman - Senior Associate Editor @Numeson
Zach Honig - Senior Associate Editor @ZachHonig
Joseph Volpe - Senior Associate Editor @jrvolpe
Terrence O'Brien - Senior Associate Editor @terrenceobrien
Ben Gilbert - Senior Associate Editor @realbengilbert
Myriam Joire - Senior Mobile Editor @tnkgrl
Richard Lawler - Senior HD Editor @rjcc
Dana Wollman - Senior Reviews Editor @danawollman
Sharif Sakr - Senior European Editor @shotsheriff
Barb Dybwad - Director of New Business Development @doctorparadox

Editors / Contributing Editors

Sean Buckley - Associate Editor @seannicus
Joe Pollicino - Associate Editor @akaTRENT
Jon Fingas - Associate Editor @jonfingas
Nicole Lee - Associate Editor @nicole
Mark Hearn - Associate Editor @misterhearn
Edgar Alvarez - Associate Editor @abcdedgar
Sarah Silbert - Reviews Editor @sarahsilbert
Deepak Dhingra - Features Editor @d2says
Ben Drawbaugh - Contributing HD Editor @bjdraw
Billy Steele - Associate Editor @wmsteele
Jason Hidalgo - Contributing Editor @jasonhidalgo
Alexis Santos - Contributing Editor @alexissantos
John Browning - Contributing Editor @linuxjeb
Kevin Wong - Contributing Editor@KevinMWong
Mat Smith - Associate European Editor @thatmatsmith
Daniel Cooper - Associate European Editor @danielwcooper
James Trew - Associate European Editor @itstrew
Steve Dent - Contributing European Editor @stevetdent
Jamie Rigg - Contributing European Editor @jmerigg
Philip Palermo - Copy Editor @philip_palermo

Engadget Mobile

Brad Molen - Associate Mobile Editor @phonewisdom
Zachary Lutz - Associate Mobile Editor @zacharylutz
Sean Cooper - Associate Mobile Editor @sean_cooper

Engadget Spanish

Alberto Ballestín - Editor in Chief @alberjote
Alexandra Guerrero (Drita) - Managing Editor @drita
Jose Andrade - Lead Editor @jandrade
Jose Mendiola - Editor @jose_mendiola
Carlos Martinez - Editor @krlitosmtnez
Elena Henriquez - Editor @elena_henriquez

Engadget Chinese

Stone IP - Associate Editor @stoneip
Danny Mak - Mobile Editor @d_mch
Ross Wang - Contributing Editor @marco__so

Editorial Assistants

Jon Turi @jonturi
Andy Bowen @an_dbowen
Daniel Stegemiller @danstegemiller
Landon Peck @landonpeck
David Fishman @davidpkfishman


Ross Rubin - Senior columnist @rossrubin
Joshua Fruhlinger - Columnist @fruhlinger
Brad Hill - Columnist @bradhill


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