Bēm Wireless intros four Bluetooth speakers, aims to fulfill your wireless audio needs

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|01.08.13

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Never heard of Bēm Wireless? Don't worry, it's our first time, too. The audio company has taken to this year's CES to show of quartet of interesting wireless speakers. First up, its $300 Speaker Trio consists of a charging base that houses three wireless speakers -- no word on whether it's inductive, though, we'd hope so for that price. The cube-shaped sound pushers have a 120 foot range in total over Bluetooth, and come in either black or white. If you like the aesthetic of the Trio but only need one for traveling, the company also offers its Mobile Speaker. The unit runs over Bluetooth, comes in a few colors and costs a cool $70.

Beyond those, Bēm is highlighting its larger Boom Box 2.1 Bluetooth system with a handle, which looks similar to Sony's NFC-loaded $99 SRS-BTM8. Sadly, it may be harder sell at $250 (if it's similar in size to Sony's), but it'll net you 10 hours of wire-free music streaming per charge. Last up in the lineup is the "juice box-sized" Outlet Speaker, priced at $99. Similar to an offering by JBL, the unit plugs directly in your power outlet, letting you stream music over Bluetooth from "up to 25 feet" away. We'll do our best to check these out on the show floor, so check out the press release past the break to find more info in the meantime.

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Fight Limits, Not Wires: bēm wireless Unveils its Bluetooth, Hi-Fi Audio Series at the Consumer Electronics Show

bēm wireless showcases the speaker trio, boom box, mobile speaker, and outlet speaker at the Venetian Grand Hall, Booth #71035 in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS- January 7, 2013- bēm wireless, an innovator of wireless solutions and consumer electronics, rocks Las Vegas with the highly anticipated release of four rich, hi-fi audio products: the speaker trio, boom box, mobile speaker, and outlet speaker. Coupling style, affordability and superior sound, this lineup works seamlessly with any lifestyle or environment. bēm will present its audio line at Booth #71035, Venetian Grand Hall on January 7th-11th in Las Vegas.

"Our main goal behind these innovative solutions is to allow people to focus their energy on enhancing their own lifestyles," says Bryan Katzel, Director of Marketing and Product Development for bēm. "We've worked to keep our products accessible and affordable without sacrificing sound quality and visual appeal."

Developed by a team of top-notch engineers, all of bēm's audio solutions feature rich, precision-tuned sound, user-friendly operation, and modern, clean design. Here's a rundown of each wireless, Bluetooth-enabled product:
The speaker trio features three speakers that deliver exceptional, crystal clear sound to multiple rooms without the hassle of wires. With up to 120 feet of speaker range, great music can be controlled by the same iPhone, smartphone or other Bluetooth device. Users simply return the speakers to the base for easy, neat charging. This stylish speaker options comes in black or white at $299.99.

Take your favorite tunes on the road with the boom box. This wireless, Bluetooth-enabled device is the perfect accessory for people on-the-go with a durable front and back metal casing, soft touch finish, and stunning sound. The 2.1 stereo sound adds mobile audio muscle, and users can enjoy crystal clear music for up to ten hours before recharging. It is available in an elegant black or white at only $249.99.

Don't let the size of the mobile speaker fool you- This tiny speaker packs a powerful audio punch! Big sound in a small package (smaller than a tennis ball) is the ideal accessory for travelers and consumers who need a grab-and-go option. It connects via Bluetooth with a smartphone or other device, and even features an Aux In & Aux Out for more connecting capabilities. Choose the mobile speaker that speaks to you- it comes in six colors: black, white, ruby, orange, bright green and purple. It retails for $69.99.

Convenient and powerful, the Bluetooth-enabled outlet speaker plugs directly into any electrical outlet delivering superior sound without taking up any space! It features a built-in power adapter so it always stays juiced up and ready. Its low profile and small size (only slightly larger than a juice box) makes travel easy, and it even hides well in the home. A USB port allows users to charge their mobile device at the same time. The outlet speaker offers up to 25 feet of working wireless range. It retails for $99.99.
bēm's audio line is available at www.bemwireless.com.

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