LG Tab-Book Ultra Z160 and Tab-Book H160 hands-on

LG TabBook Ultra Z160 and TabBook H160 handson

Here at CES 2013, LG's introing a brand-new Windows 8 line: the Tab-Book and Tab-Book Ultra. As you may be able to tell from the naming convention, the devices are intended to offer the best of both worlds, offering a convertible slider form factor and, in the case of the Ultra, the thinness and lightness associated with Ultrabooks. Both models support five-point multi-touch and pack 11.6-inch 720p IPS displays, in addition to ports for HDMI and USB 3.0. But that's about where the similarities end. The Z160 is the company's more high-end offering, weighing 1.23kg and measuring in at 19.4mm thick (versus the H160's 1.05kg and 15.9mm thickness) and also features a third-generation Intel Core i5, whereas its sibling is Atom-powered. Seen from the side, the two hybrids appear a bit chunky, so we're not entirely convinced the Z160 deserves the extra Ultrabook-like comparison. To access the sliding function and expose the somewhat cramped keyboard beneath, users will have to press a dedicated button along the left edge of the device. In our brief testing, the screen seemed to snap into place quickly and with ease. We're not sure how comfortable that "Ultrabook" configuration will be for users considering the hard-edged rim that pokes up just above the keyboard and cuts into the wrist. Again, we don't know pricing or availability for either of these Tab-Books, so for now check out the gallery below and stay tuned for a video walkthrough.


Brad Molen contributed to this post.