Polaroid's interchangeable lens cameras hands-on (video)

Brian Heater
B. Heater|01.08.13

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Polaroid's interchangeable lens cameras hands-on (video)

Interchangeable lens cameras from Polaroid? Yep. They're here at CES, and the company let us spend some hands-on time at tonight's Pepcom event at the MGM Grand. It's important to note, right off the bat, that these things are still firmly in prototype mode, so we'll hold off on passing any sort of judgement on build quality until the company puts something a bit more final in our hands. For the moment, however, they're buggy at best. And they certainly don't have the build quality of a, say Sony NEX, but that's to be expected in part due to the fact that these guys start at $299 as beginner level cameras.

At the high end is the iM1836, which has WiFi and Android 4.1 built-in. We played around with the touchscreen a bit, and, as mentioned before, it didn't behave at all as intended, so we weren't able to play Fruit Ninja on the thing. In its final version, you'll be able to use third-party camera apps, if you're so inclined -- and play a bit of Angry Birds, of course. Of the three, the build quality is certainly the highest here. It feels on-par with a lower-mid-level point-and-shoot. And this camera, as with its cheaper siblings, has the sensor built into the lens, oddly, which Polaroid is convinced with cut down on dust and scratches. Click on through for a (somewhat noisey) video.%Gallery-175175%

Further down the line are the iM1232W and iM1030. Neither feature Android, but the former does have WiFi built in for transfers. We played around with the iM1030 for a bit and weren't particularly impressed with the display quality. Again, prototype, so we won't be too harsh here. Hopefully Polaroid will have all of the aforementioned kinks worked out by the time these launch in Q2.

Billy Steele contributed to this report

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