T-Mobile CEO: 100,000 iPhones join the ranks every month, 1.9 million so far

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T-Mobile USA isn't just happy to have an official deal with Apple in place; it's ready to crow about the fans who've already signed up. CEO John Legere told those at a Citi conference that his carrier is activating 100,000 new iPhones every month, despite many of those users still having to chase down an unlocked model and forgo 3G until T-Mobile's spectrum refarming comes their way. That rate mate be accelerating -- there's 1.9 million total iPhone customers on Magenta's network, or 200,000 more since they were last counted on December 6th. Legere wasn't about to predict how that statistic would change once T-Mobile was clear to sell Apple gear in an official capacity; something tells us, however, that the rate won't exactly slow down.

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