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OCZ demos Vector SSD in even speedier PCI Express form for the pros

OCZ demos Vector SSD in even speedier PCI Express form for the pros
Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|January 9, 2013 10:59 AM

OCZ produced something of a surprise when its in-house Vector SSD stood well against more seasoned competition. It's proud enough of that feat that it's following up with demos of a PCI Express model for creative pros and others that may deal with exceptionally massive file transfers. The switch away from SATA isn't just cosmetic, as PC Perspective saw: PCIe gives the Vector more bandwidth and raw actions per second, on top of boosting the peak storage and reducing lag. OCZ warns us that the demo unit is a prototype and doesn't say when we might see a production model, though we'd venture that the usual PCIe storage price premium will be in effect.

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Innovative Barefoot 3 Controller Extends the Vector SSD Series to PCIe Interfaces and Delivers Enhanced Bandwidth and Expanded Densities for Enthusiast and Workstation Applications

LAS VEGAS, NV. – CES 2013 – January 7, 2013 - OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:OCZ), a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today announced that it will demonstrate a pre-production version of its new flagship Vector SSD Series for PCI Express (PCIe) interfaces at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013, Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 8th through 11th. In addition to showcasing the PCIe-based Vector Series, OCZ will also present its portfolio of enterprise and consumer SSDs, as well as enterprise software used to cache, virtualize or accelerate key applications and associated data.

Driven by its cutting-edge Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller, which has received worldwide accolades for industry-leading performance, enhanced reliability/endurance, and differentiated features, the PCIe-based Vector SSD Series has improved input/output operations per second (IOPS) burst performance and consistently delivers superior 'real-world' sustained performance regardless of whether the data streams are in compressed or uncompressed formats. Residing directly on the PCIe bus, this new addition to the Vector Series provides lower latency to data, faster file transfers and boot-ups, expanded storage capacities, and an even quicker, more responsive experience over the already blazing fast SATA III-based Vector SSDs. The combination of enhanced bandwidth and higher capacities make the Vector PCIe SSD Series ideal for power users, content creation and workstation applications.

The Vector PCIe SSD Series supports high-performance Windows-based laptops, desktops and workstations with 4 lanes of PCIe Gen 2 in full-height (FH) and half-height (HH) formats. Its advanced suite of flash management tools deliver advanced drive endurance and data reliability in support of 100GB host writes per day for 5 years ensuring that Vector PCIe SSDs can be reliably used in a wide range of high performance computing environments over an extended lifetime.

In addition to the Vector PCIe SSD demonstration, OCZ will showcase a wide range of client and enterprise solid-state storage solutions at this year's CES.

OCZ showcases Client storage solutions:

• Vector SSD Series: Award winning SATA III-based drives for high-performance personal computing applications

• Vertex 4 SSD Series: Award-winning SATA III-based drives for mainstream computing and gaming applications

OCZ showcases Enterprise storage solutions:

• Deneva 2 SSD Series: SATA III-based drives for high-performance enterprise applications
• Talos 2 SSD Series: SAS-based drives for high-performance enterprise applications
• Z-Drive R4 PCIe Series: PCIe-based drives for high-performance enterprise applications
• VXL 1.2 Software: PCIe-based cache and virtualization software for VMware hypervisors
• LXL 1.0 Software (in beta development): Low latency caching solution for Linux-based physical and virtual environments in support of OCZ's enterprise SSD portfolio

OCZ demos Vector SSD in even speedier PCI Express form for the pros