Evernote's Windows Phone app gets PIN lock, Business support in update

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Evernote has been one busy bee, er, pachyderm lately -- extending its proverbial trunk to a more professional crowd with the launch of Evernote Business and even cozying up to Samsung's Terminator-sounding T9000 smart-fridge. For its next trick, the popular productivity app is giving some extra love to Windows Phone users by way of a feature-laden update. One of the shiny new bells and whistles is support for the aforementioned Evernote Business, including note creation and searching via Business Notebooks. There's also a new PIN lock feature to ensure that your notes can't be viewed when sharing your Windows phone with members of the unwashed masses. Other key features include joined notebooks and new style options for text as well. For info about the update straight from the elephant's mouth, just head on to the Evernote Blog by clicking on the source link.

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