OmniFocus for Mac goes free until OmniFocus 2's debut

Randy Nelson
R. Nelson|01.17.13

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Randy Nelson
January 17th, 2013
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OmniFocus for Mac goes free until OmniFocus 2's debut

The Omni Group has come up with a novel approach to dealing with the question of "should I buy OmniFocus now, or wait until I know what the next version is going to be like?" Since the company has already announced that the next major Mac version of its popular GTD-ready task manager will be unveiled on January 31 during Macworld 2013, it's making the current version of OmniFocus for Mac free to use until then.

In order to start your test drive, you need to download OmniFocus for Mac from the Omni Group's website and register it with the following information:

License Owner: Waiting for OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus will continue to function until January 31 after that. Note that the free trial only works if you've downloaded OmniFocus from the site; it's still full price via the Mac App Store. The Omni Group has confirmed that it's working on a way to offer discounted upgrades from the Mac version of OmniFocus to OmniFocus 2 purchased via the MAS once the latter goes on sale. There's still no firm on sale date for OmniFocus 2, but those interested in beta testing the software can do so by signing up on the OmniGroup site.

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