Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake might be the cutest game on Kickstarter

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Arguably the world's most adorable Kickstarter project sprouted up this week in Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake. As a PC/Mac & iOS dungeon-style puzzle game akin to Zelda games of old, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake will have players controlling a boy named Niko whose birthday cake was definitely eaten by monsters.

The "environmental puzzler" takes on a "16-bit aesthetic, without relying on pixel art," but is instead inspired by Japanese pop art. The game's soundtrack is being composed by Disasterpeace, the artist behind the tunes from games such as Fez and Shoot Many Robots. Developer SleepNinja is seeking $15,000 in funding by February 16 in order to pay for the game's Unity engine and licensing costs. Should the project reach its $20,000 stretch goal mark, the game will also come to Android.

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