LG VS870 surfaces at the FCC and WPC, may be an Escape for Verizon

AT&T brought out the LG Escape late last summer as a low-cost Android option with a better-than-usual battery and solid performance. If recent testing is any indicator, a Verizon edition might be in the cards. An LG VS870 (the Escape is the P870) has appeared at the FCC wielding support for Verizon's CDMA and LTE networks. Lest we worry that it's just a simple network switch, there's clues that Verizon is planning a little more: the same phone has already appeared at the Wireless Power Consortium, hinting at Qi wireless charging. How else it might change from the 4.3-inch Escape, if it's indeed similar, isn't visible. There might only be a short wait before we find out, as the roughly equivalent Lucid is long enough in the tooth that a replacement would be very timely.