Lenovo CFO says 'RIM and many others' are on the table as possible deals

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This one is expectedly drawing a big no comment from RIM, but Bloomberg is reporting today that Lenovo has at least considered the possibility of acquiring the company or forming some other type of strategic alliance. That word comes straight from Lenovo's Chief Financial Officer, Wong Wai Ming, who said at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos that "we are looking at all opportunities -- RIM and many others," adding that, "we'll have no hesitation if the right opportunity comes along that could benefit us and shareholders." That interest has apparently extended as far as speaking to RIM and its bankers about various possible arrangements, but it's not clear when that happened or how far along the talks went. He also unsurprisingly didn't offer any indication as to when Lenovo might make a decision on the matter. As Bloomberg notes, such a deal would also require clearing a number of regulatory hurdles, including a review by the Canadian government.

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