Battered Hilt BMAH woes have a happy ending

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Battered Hilt BMAH woes have a happy ending
Battered Hilt faction woes result in a happy ending
Night Elf death knight Krushin had a sad tale to tell. She had worked hard to scrape together as much gold as possible, and set out on the twisting path to a covert auction house at the top of the Veiled Stair, where a smiling panda named Madam Goya had the key to beginning the adventure that would be Krushin's greatest yet: the Battered Hilt.

Krushin was elated when she discovered that her efforts had not been in vain, and that her life savings were sufficient to meet Madam Goya's demands, so she handed them over. But, alas! On receiving the item she discovered that it was no good to her. This Battered Hilt, for which she had exchanged every coin she had, could only be completed by her enemy: the Horde. She knew the risk of buying on the Black Market, but she had never expected to exchange tens of thousands of gold for something so utterly useless.

Krushin had made a mistake, yes, and WoW Insider thought it a good idea to tell her sad tale to our readers, so they wouldn't fall prey to the same problem. There are two Battered Hilts, one for the Horde, and one for the Alliance. Simply mousing over the Hilt you're planning to bid on could avert tragedy, as the races that can use it are shown on the tooltip.

But Krushin's story doesn't end there. After a fruitless exchange with an in-game GM, she contacted a senior one via email, and met with success! They recognized that it was a simple error on her part, and on her next login, she was able to start the quest.

A happy ending for Krushin, but a tale of note for bidding with caution on the Black Market Auction House.

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