Super Hexagon brings concentric chiptune madness to BlackBerry 10

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|02.09.13

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Super Hexagon brings concentric chiptune madness to BlackBerry 10
File this one under "things we definitely weren't expecting today:" Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon is now available on the days-old BlackBerry 10 operating system. Currently, the only device that runs BlackBerry 10 is the BlackBerry Z10, which is available in the UK and Canada, but won't make it to carriers in the United States until March.

"This wasn't originally something I had lined up," Cavanagh writes. "Laurence Muller, who ported the C++ openFrameworks version of the game to Android, has an interest in BlackBerry – he maintains the unofficial Blackberry port of openFrameworks. So when Blackberry came along and asked us to do the port, we figured, let's give it a shot!"

The game can be purchased from BlackBerry World, either on the Z10 or online, for $2.99. Now all we need are PlayStation Vita and 3DS ports, and Cavanagh's mobile market saturation will be absolute.
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