Photojojo University's first undergraduate course: Phoneography 101

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Photojojo University's first undergraduate course: Phoneography 101

iPhone photography and Photojojo go together like kittens and cute. TUAW has featured a host of products sold by the online retailer, ranging from the amazingly useful to the laughingly silly. The company realizes that iPhones (and other smartphones) now account for a staggering number of photos, and they've decided to train users in how to make the most of the camera in those devices by starting up Photojojo University.

The first course offered by Photojojo U is Phoneography 101, a series of easily understood and fun email-based classes that show up twice a week over four weeks beginning on March 1, 2013. When you sign up at the introductory price of $5 (normal price tag will be $10), you're given your choice of instructor -- a stack of pancakes, an obnoxious professor or a cute basket of kittens. Don't let this silliness fool you, though -- the classes are actually quite helpful.

Photojojo University's first class Phoneography 101

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Week one of Phoneography 101 is all about composing photos. The Rule of Thirds is mentioned, they tell you about holding the iPhone still to avoid blur, bring up the use of perspective and then have a challenge at the end to see if you've learned your lesson. Future classes will cover lighting, creative effects, editing and other topics.

You won't get a diploma at the end of the course, but there's a $5 Photojojo gift card waiting for you as a reward. It's a lighthearted way to actually improve your iPhone photography, and well worth the minimal cost.

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