Darkfall shows off its mad crafting skills

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|02.14.13

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Darkfall shows off its mad crafting skills
Darkfall shows off its mad crafting skills
When Darkfall eventually relaunches as Unholy Wars, it's bringing with it a robust crafting system that apparently deserves a preview video set to a stirring theme.

The video throws out plenty of tantalizing numbers to demonstrate Darkfall's crafting diversity: 98 different harvestable materials, 17 crafting skills, 12 crafting masteries, 75 unique crafted materials, 410 unique crafting recipes, and 626 unique craftable items. And it ends with a player casually tossing out a fully crafted boat from his inventory for him and his friends to sail.

Give the video a look after the jump and let us know: How important is crafting to you in a PvP-centric MMO?

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