Valentine's Day around the virtual world

Valentine's Day around the virtual world

Do you hear the chirping of songbirds in love? Do you see the flirtacious glance that cute Orc is giving you from across the battlefiend? Do you smell the flowers of romance in bloom all around you? If so, man, you've got it bad.

Fortunately for those suffering from VDAS -- Valentine's Day Addiction Syndrome -- plenty of MMOs are on hand to provide you with a temporary fix until you get proper medication and are carted away to a professional love care facility. It may not be the biggest of holidays in the virtual world, but when love arrives in February, it cannot be denied.

And who knows for you single folk? The man, woman, or one-eyed Gnome of your dreams might just stumble over you on this fine day! Read on as we sum up some of the larger Valentine's events in MMOs today.

Valentine's Day around the virtual world
  • Aion: Take on a task to reunite broken hearts, complete a special mission from the Chocorunerk for unique rewards, or enjoy discounts and special items on sale in the item store. Anything can happen on this magical day!

  • RaiderZ: Chocolate is the focus of this event, with chocolate fountains and chocolate mounts keeping things tasty. The Valentine's Day event actually coincides with the Lunar New Year event, so it's two-for-one in this title.

  • Wizard101: The day doesn't just have to be about romantic love, you know. Enter in the Friendship Festival screenshot contest to possibly win 5000 crowns.

  • World of Tanks: Enjoy a one-day bonus to XP as well as a few discounts toward a Valentine-class tank. There's also a spiffy Valentine's Day bundle that's being offered in the store for the sentimental commander. Love is a battlefield, after all.

  • Pirate101: Print out these cool V-Day cards and give them to all your friends. Demand their undying loyalty and affection in return.

  • EVE Online: Or you could harden up and print out these tough-as-nails cards for those you love but are going to frag and loot anyway.

  • RIFT: All editions of this MMO are 25% off through February 17th. Get it while it's slightly cheaper!

  • Runes of Magic: Special NPCs have shown up to gift players with two-hour buffs to XP, skill improvement, and drop rates. They'll be hanging around until the 19th, so make sure to get your daily buff.

  • APB: Reloaded: Enter the "Forever Alone" kill contest to rack up fatalities with special Valentine's guns. Guys? I don't think you're quite getting the spirit of this holiday.

  • Allods Online: We could tell you that this post is about the sale of a wide array of items, but you're going to go look at it because there's a lot of underwear models, aren't you.

  • Vindictus: If your depravity truly knows no bounds, you can venture into the Secret Naughty Chamber. That's really what it's called. Civilization will collapse as a result next Tuesday.

  • Vanguard: The devs are putting out a call for players' favorite love stories that have something to do with this game. Love, twue love, is what bwings us together today.

  • DC Universe Online: A new mission, Love Will Find a Way, is what superheroes do to stave off their crippling loneliness and systematic rejection from romance. Plus, it has rewards.

  • EverQuest II: Erollisi Day is getting an upgrade with new achievements, store offerings, and quest rewards on top of the usual fare.

  • World of Warcraft: This is one of the more full-featured Valentine's Day event offerings, with plenty of quests and achievements to complete before the candy gets stale.

  • Guild Wars 2: Buy! Buy! Buy! Consume! Consume! Consume! And love, of course.

Valentine's Day around the virtual world

What other V-Day events are going on around the MMOsphere? Let everyone know in the comments!