Guild previews Vendetta iPad 2 build in new video

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|02.15.13

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Guild previews Vendetta iPad 2 build in new video
Guild previews Vendetta iPad 2 client
Guild Software is hard at work on a full port of its long-running Vendetta Online MMORPG for second-generation iPad devices. Guild founder John Bergman demos a prototype build running on an iPad 2, though he says that there is still "a lot of work to do."

Current Vendetta players will be glad to know that Guild plans to "ship the iPad version as soon as we can, and then immediately focus all our attention on gameplay enhancements to make the 1.9 goals a reality in 2013."

Vendetta's fund-raising effort is about a third of the way to its goal with nine days remaining.
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