Bungie's Destiny: Always-online console shooter revealed

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|02.17.13

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Bungie's Destiny: Always-online console shooter revealed
Bungie's Destiny - Always-online console shooter revealed
Bungie has officially lifted the veil surrounding its Destiny project, and Joystiq reports that it is a persistent-world console shooter and part of a 10-year publishing deal with Activision.

Players will be able to customize their identities and gear as they venture across "a future vision of our own solar system on quests to gather loot and defeat evil." Destiny allows for single-player enjoyment, but the crux of the title's gameplay revolves around co-op multiplayer. As such, a constant internet connection is required in order to "realize the vision of the game," according to Bungie. There will be no subscription fee, and Bungie says that we shouldn't expect to see zones filled with hundreds of players.

"[The] amount of players you see is design-controlled," COO Pete Parsons said. "It's not about stuffing as many people in there as possible." Check out Joystiq's multiple Destiny previews as well as more info on the publishing contract.
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