Civ Revolution updated, with multiplayer and more

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|02.21.13

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Civ Revolution updated, with multiplayer and more

Civ Revolution is one of my favorite apps on my iPad -- I'm a big Civ fan, and I think Civ Rev is a great touchscreen adaptation of the series. And now, it's even better: 2K Games has released an update for the app that adds a number of new in-app purchase packs, giving you the option to pick up new units, new buildings, new wonders and other new content. Each of the packs is available for just US$0.99, or you can get the "Master Bundle" for $3.99.

In addition to that new content, there's also a multiplayer mode now available for in-app purchase. For $2.99, you can buy a mode that lets you and up to two other friends jump in and challenge each other for world domination, either in a custom game or a quick game. Yes, it's a little strange that this content is added in with an IAP, rather than offered up for free as it usually is with most other titles. But certainly 2K must have worked hard to port this feature over, so it's a small price to pay if you have friends waiting to play with you.

And there's more good news: For a limited time, the app's price has dropped to just 99 cents, so you can save a buck or two there. Civilization Revolution is a great title that's a really fitting adaptation of the popular turn-based strategy series, and this update adds even more value to the app.

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