The Secret World's Last Train to Cairo pulls into the station this March

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|02.22.13

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The Secret World's Last Train to Cairo pulls into the station this March
The Secret World Issue #6 to hit in early MarchWhile Funcom's recent restructuring and relocation put the brakes on The Secret World's content release schedule, it wasn't totally derailed. In fact, the next content update will be hitting servers sooner than many expected; Issue # 6 The Last Train to Cairo is scheduled to go live in the beginning of March. While no exact date has been given yet, paid members will get two days of early access to the content.

What awaits denizens of The Secret World in this latest issue? A new storyline, a new foe (of raid proportions), the new veteran reward system, PvP ranking, and a new auxiliary weapon are all a part of this update. A new recruitment system will also be implemented, granting points equal to one month of membership for every new recruit.

In an effort to contain the evil spreading through the sands of Egypt, players will delve deeper into the past of the desert land by actually traveling back in time to uncover powerful artifacts. Remember that petrified undead arms dealer, Said? Tap into his wisdom for advice on working against the cultists and their dark prophet Abdel Daoud. And last but certainly not least, fight atop a speeding train to Cairo with the newest auxiliary weapon, the whip, in true Indiana Jones style.
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