Wally is my new best friend

OK, move over Twelve South SurfacePad. Yeah, you were my friend for a while, but a new kid just moved into the neighborhood and now he's my best friend. His name is Wally, and he's an iPhone 5 wallet case. His other best friend, also named Wally, works with iPhone 4 and 4S.

Just like you, SurfacePad, he's got that nano-suction material on his back so he can stick right to my iPhone 5 and a lot of hard cases. He even brought some stuff called "Alternahesive" with him in case I wanted to stick him to a rubberized case or one with a matte finish. I'd prefer to give Wally a vacation every once in a while, so I'm using the nano-suction and putting him right on the back of my iPhone.

Wally is my new best friend

Wally's made from nice Italian leather, too. But he's able to do something that you can't do -- he can carry some of my credit cards and a driver's license, perfect for those days when I just don't want to use my Costanza Wallet to prop up my right butt cheek.

Wally comes in a couple of colors, Ninja Black and Cowboy Brown, and has a bright red tab that sticks out like a tongue. Pull on his tab, and your credit cards pop out so you don't have to dig at 'em with your fingers to pull them out. Slide the cards back in, and the tab goes back in, too. I'm only going to give Wally my ID and a couple of credit cards so he doesn't get too fat, and his parents recommend using Lemon Wallet to turn my other cards into digital replicas.

Wally is my new best friend

Wally has been hanging out with some other projects over at Kickstarter, and he told me that he's already 512% funded with about a week to go. My readers will have to pledge $40 or more to pre-order their own new friend, and they can also see what other cool stuff Wally's parents at Distil Union have given birth to.

So don't worry, SurfacePad, I still really like you and I'll take you with me when I have my humongo wallet in my back pocket. I think you and Wally will end up being pretty good friends.