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Samsung Video Discovery hands-on

Samsung Video Discovery hands-on
Sarah Silbert
Sarah Silbert|February 25, 2013 5:42 AM

Samsung's really playing up its media chops here at Mobile World Congress. In addition to demoing the new HomeSync Android box, the Korean company is showing off its recently announced service for finding and watching TV content. The product was originally called TV Discovery, but just five days later it's resurfaced under the moniker Video Discovery. This new name is more accurate, as the service does deliver content recommendations for both live programming and movies and TV shows on demand.

We saw Video Discovery demoed with a Galaxy Note 8.0 and a Samsung Smart TV. You'll need a device with an IR blaster to adjust the TV channel or volume, with the app serving as a touchscreen remote. There are several modes for browsing content, including a timeline view that looks almost identical to the standard TV guide menu. You can also browse by genre or view current programming across all channels. When we skimmed through live TV listings, we simply had to tap the large "Watch Now" button next to a listing for the show to turn up on screen a few seconds later.

Perhaps the most useful feature, at least for those of you who know what you want: type in a search, and you'll see results from several content providers, including Blockbuster and Netflix (in the US) in addition to cable channels. Samsung reps said Discovery will also deliver personalized recommendations based on viewing preference and history, but the trade show employees on hand didn't seem entirely confident on some of the features, so we'll have to play with the service a bit more after it launches in April to confirm final functionality. But why not take a look for yourself now? Hit up the hands-on video after the break.

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Zach Honig contributed to this report.

Samsung Video Discovery hands-on