11 Bit Studios' 'secret game' is... Anomaly 2

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|02.28.13

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11 Bit Studios' 'secret game' is... Anomaly 2

A few weeks ago, 11 Bit Studios (the creators of Anomaly: Warzone Earth and Anomaly: Korea) announced a "secret game" deal, that offered a special deal and bonuses towards an unannounced game for a small amount of money. Today that game has been revealed...and it's Anomaly 2.

11 Bit has returned to the Anomaly well and created a full-fledged sequel to the popular "tower offense" series that has you guide a convoy of vehicles around enemy towers, defending your crew and taking down the structures as you go. As you can see from the announcement trailer, Anomaly 2 ups the ante with vehicles that can turn into full war mechs, very active alien opponents and one really big addition: multiplayer. Plus, the game looks better than before, and units seem much bigger and more detailed.

Sounds good to us (I bought the secret deal when it was available, and I'm glad I did). 11 Bit Studios hasn't yet announced what the "extra gaming gift" is yet, but presumably it's coming. Anomaly 2 will initially be available for PC, Mac and Linux in the second quarter of this year, but given how popular the series has been on iOS, you have to think it'll make its way to the App Store eventually, too.

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