Gameforge announces F2P anniversary celebration and 3.9 update for EU Aion

Gameforge announces F2P anniversary celebration and 39 update for EU Aion

February 28th marks the one-year anniversary of Aion's conversion to free-to-play in Europe. In celebration of the occasion, Gameforge is kicking off some special events and has announced a new update that launches on April 17th.

The anniversary festivities include three 50% bonuses through March 6th -- an XP boost in the Abyss, an increased item drop rate, and an increase in the success rate when crafting. On February 28th, players can also take advantage of a special happy hour where they will receive 20% more Aion coins during a select two-hour window.

EU Aion's 3.9 update will introduce features that group-starved Daevas have been waiting for. Dubbed the Fast Track server in NA, the Rookie server will allow a PvP-free leveling mecca for players from all servers. The dungeon finder will allow players to find and join specific instance groups more easily.

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