The 7th Guest: 3 coming to a PC, Mac or mobile device right behind you

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The 7th Guest: 3 coming to a PC, Mac or mobile device right behind you
Trilobyte has lured The 7th Guest: 3 out of hiding (yes, it was under your bed) and onto PC, Mac, iOS and Android, possibly within the next 18 months. The 7th Guest: 3 is the 3D, puzzle-licious sequel to Trilobyte's The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour.

"In the world of The 7th Guest: 3, you will re-enter the mysterious and magical mansion, newly restored with games, puzzles and artifacts," Trilobyte co-founder Charlie McHenry tells Polygon. "But it is still haunted, as players will soon discover. You will learn more about what happened on that terrible night, and discover the real story and previously hidden secrets of the gaming world's most mysterious toymaker."

Trilobyte is talking with potential financiers and plans to launch a Kickstarter in April, should funding fall through via other channels, McHenry says. The game could be done in 12 - 18 months, with some of the original development team working on The 7th Guest: 3 alongside new puzzle designers. If the actual game is as unsettling as having a colon before "3" in the title, Trilobyte is on the right track.
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