Desktop Groups: Add floating file pallettes to your desktop

Desktop Groups (US$7.99) offers a nice utility for anyone looking for a fresh take on desktop organization. It creates little floating window palettes for arranging your workspace.

Each group can be shown open or closed. The windows live essentially at the same level as the desktop. That means any work naturally opens up on top of these groups. You name and group floating items exactly as you please.

Unfortunately, to comply with App Store rules, Desktop Groups doesn't really support aliases. I was hoping to use the app to arrange in-progress book projects but found that my carefully collected aliases weren't compatible. Clicking aliases locates the original Finder alias file. It doesn't open the connected file or folder.

Desktop Groups Add floating file pallettes to your desktop

Aliases aside, I liked the way the app functioned. Although you can, of course, create your own native Finder windows, I appreciated how the groups organized my files with their Finder-friendly translucent backgrounds. Simple integration with a desktop-based Desktop Groups folder made it simple to manage and review items.

This app won't be for everyone but it's a pleasant addition to the "organize my desktop" genre of utilities.