Brad McQuaid returns to EverQuest

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|03.12.13

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Brad McQuaid returns to EverQuest
The more cynical among our readers may compare this to remarrying your first wife.
It's like getting the band together again. Less than a year ago, Brad McQuaid returned to Vanguard, the game that he had created. But McQuaid had room to go even further back to his first position of note... and now he's done it. It's been confirmed on the official forums that Brad McQuaid is now back with EverQuest, a fact that has resulted in no shortage of fan shock.

McQuaid says that after 12 years, he couldn't resist the chance to rejoin the team and get back to work on the game, which he feels still bears many traces of work he did back when he was first involved in development. He also hints that some of his first projects will involve elements of the game that have been hinted at since launch, although he avoids further explanation. Whether you're happy or sad about it as an old-school EverQuest player, you can't deny that it's big news.

[Thanks to Tess for the tip!]
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