The Blockheads changes the game with a major update

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.13.13

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The Blockheads changes the game with a major update

The Blockheads is an excellent game by New Zealand developer David Frampton, also known as Majic Jungle Software. We covered it when it first released earlier this year, and the game has now picked up a really substantial update. iOS updates in general happen pretty often these days (I think I have about nine sitting in my iPad from just the past week or so), but this one is fairly significant, in that it really changes how the game itself works.

In addition to some new items, bugfixes and the ability to now run four different characters at the same time, the biggest part of the update is that instead of having to be in the app while your characters perform various actions, the app will now run in the background, which means you can set something to run and then go and do something else outside the app. That's literally a game-changer, because it means the previously boring task of just waiting for items to be crafted or combined has now gone away.

In other words, even if you didn't get into The Blockheads before, it's probably time to give this one a look again. It's free on iPhone and iPad.

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