Photographer Ben Long shares iPad photography workflow advice

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Photographer Ben Long shares iPad photography workflow advice

Photographer Ben Long has put together an informative and detailed article for photography aficionados at Creative Pro on using the iPad for post-production while in the field or traveling for a shoot.

For Long, taking a 13-inch MacBook Air into the field carries a lot of negatives in comparison to an iPad. Overall, Long says the iPad is a more resilient piece of kit in harsher environments, but of course, it doesn't offer the same kind of power that a MacBook Air does.

Long notes that when the iPad first arrived, it offered an exciting, lightweight alternative for photography out of the studio, but the apps supporting a pro-level workflow did not yet exist .

But over the last few months, Long notes that a few new apps have arrived on the iOS App Store (particularly Snapseed and Photos Info Pro), which offer "some important new post-production capabilities." Meaning, depending on what kind of shoot you're doing, you may be able to get away with just your camera and an iPad.

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For Long's workflow with an iPad, and his take on the apps he uses, do check out the article here.

[Via The Loop]

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