Infinite Loop: Analyzing Apple from the Outside liveblog

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Infinite Loop: Analyzing Apple from the Outside liveblog

For a company that's being so relentlessly scrutinized, it's almost baffling that Apple can still wheel out the odd surprise every now and again. We've assembled a gaggle of professional Cupertino-watchers to join our Tim on stage to hash out where Apple's been, where it's going and if Sir Jonathan and Mr. Cook's next big idea is going to center around your wrist or your TV corner. Taking the stage will be Victor Agreda Jr. from The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Analyst Gene Munster and Crunch Fund's MG Siegler. Join us after the break for the blow-by-blow commentary, lovingly dictated into easy-to-read words.

March 17, 2013 7:15 PM EDT

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