Gpotato's Sevencore meets an early demise

Sevencore screenshot

Despite recently seeing the first of what players hoped would be a string of new content, gPotato's new title Sevencore announced today that it will be closing its doors. A forum post says that the game "has proved to be less attractive to players than anticipated and thus [it's] become unprofitable for the developer to be continued as a game." The developers hope to transition active players by undertaking the following:

  • Reimbursing all gPotatoes spent between the 1st of February and today as well as between 30% and 75% of purchases prior to this date,

  • Closing the in-game shop with immediate effect while considering making all shop items available for free,

  • Keeping the game open until the end of April,

  • Boosting experience gain and running events during the final period of the game, and

  • Encouraging players to migrate to other gPotato games with special enticement packages.

This bad news comes on the heels of the news that Webzen recently purchased gPotato and Gala-Net. Perhaps the purchase will breath new life into the developer after it showed a dip in quarterly sales when compared to the last year.